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Platon Records

Platon records

Who are people from Parisian young label Platon Records? Let’s introduce them. This project is from Pierre Bousquet and Thomas Murphy (Circus Company), music fans meeting in Argentina ten years ago with desire to launch a label. After a huge crush on Feathered Sun – which is NU, jO.K.e, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, Iannis Ritter and Acid Pauli’s collective – first record is out in 2014 with all basic elements of the artistic direction, aesthetic, whatever you name it: to propose some techno developed with important acoustic elements, living parts we could say, as instruments and voices. First listening then can make remember of former discovers from Germany years ago – Kompakt because of styles crossings  – but the trademark should not be “minimal”, as Pierre Bousquet told us, but “minimalism” instead, as  “less can be more” philosophy.

We had in studio one of next artists to be released on Platon: Sébastien Casanova , with his saxophonist Arthur Alfosea (check the interview link below), and both enlightened us about their composition gesture – quite different from what our friend Etienne Jaumet explained us concerning him – : the acoustic print has to make the identity of the track, not just to be an ornament, bringing movement and unpredictable during the work process. Even if the result will be clubby at the end, with traditional bass and tempo uses, an other dynamic comes from this kind of priority given to human spontaneous intervention, which you can’t play the same twice if you decide not to use recorded samples. Casanova coming from classic and jazz musical training told us how those two kinds of way to grasp music could feed electro-techno: by taking time to play again and again, capturing sounds of the environment with instrumental ones.

Through this work-in-progress and recording sessions, two worlds appear to be in game: acoustic and techno. On which mode then? Love or conflict story? One seems often turned to automatism, the other one to ephemeral… Romanticism of the experience surely rising from their commun harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary… Elements of answer it is absolutely exciting to try to conceive, even if the only musical result counts. So experimental purposes in dance music are possible. Keep being informed of what will happen next here!

Max Fraiser-Roux

Ice FM with Platon Records, April 9, 2015, 10.30PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

  1. Oskar Offermann – Get me in
  2. The return of the shakavak – Original Mix
  3. Problem Kids – I will lead Rafaele
  4. Die Haustiere – Alba Frank Remix
  5. Culoe de Song – The bright forest
  6. Ben Vedren – New Odd
  7. Lawrence – Floating

Interview here (In French).


One thought on “Platon Records

  1. Is it tricky singing in the begining ? there is no name for that song !

    Posted by chloé | 2015/07/05, 10:25 am

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