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Sven Løve

Sven Love

Since mid-­nighties, Sven Hansen­-Løve has been one of the garage­-house ambassadors in Paris, organizing memorable Cheers parties, which have contributed to club culture explosion and french-touch identity. No need to explain the whole story, almost everything is told in her sister’s movie he co-writed and artistically advised: “Eden“, now available on video for those who have missed it in theaters. You should see it, it will talk to you!

What kind of sensations and memories does this French adventure bring back to us nowadays, that’s the question: hedonistic of course and a bit melancholic also. Because we all know that parties still do end, they did end yesterday, or years ago, and these nocturnal strong emotions which make us feel we are gathered in another dimension of joy, excitement and energy – freedom at last – , and that we are more alive than never, sometimes make us feel nostalgia and sometimes regrets, when dissipated…

When you listen to Sven’s music selections now in 2015 ­ – as you can find in the perfect “Eden” OST double CD or in the mix he’s offered us­ – , it clearly appears that we still need insouciance vibes and feeling of freedom and love from vintage garage productions, and its reminiscences. Why? Well, times may have become hard and cynical for a lot of us, young and old taken together, club music has often drowned in dark and obscure colors, relationships to dance and venues have become anonymous, touristic, commercial, even in the presupposed underground scene, and submitted to consumption, which is what is boring above all…

Is there such a musical vibrancy in the current decade, as in house and techno golden age? Future will tell us. But since everything seems to be also as possible as never now with new technologies and worldwide diffusion, generations learning from each other very quickly, every music style and way to party is able to be represented and unifying.

House music is still this vibrating heart in electro-­techno landscape, and the pieces of heaven it can bring to us shouldn’t be denied. That’s why I have chosen to invite Sven Løve in Ice FM: because we deserve these pieces of paradise he keeps giving us, right here and now!

Max Fraisier-­Roux

Ice FM with Sven Løve, April 23, 2015, 10.30 PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

  1. John Julius Knight – You’re Mine (Blacklist)
  2. Frey – Someone to count on (Erase Records)
  3. Robert Dietz feat. Eddie Fowlkes – 7 Turn Arounds (Truth Be Told)
  4. 280 West – Scattered Dreams (Boom Chocka­Boom Mix) (Classic Music Company)
  5. Teejay Walton, Gina Glover – Rescue Me (Purple Music)
  6. Tim Green – In Love (Get Physical Music)
  7. Elderbrook – How Many Times (Andhim remix) (ITH)
  8. Millok, New5ense – Let It Go (Blacksoul)
  9. Tom Trago – Use Me Again (Carl Craig Refix mix) (Rush Hours recordings)
  10. Saison – Please Don’t Go (Guest House)
  11. Mark E – Night Heart (Future Boogie Recording)

Sven Løve interview (in French) here.


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