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Sextoy show

It’s been thirteen years since DJ Sextoy has left us, and we had at that moment lost one of the most adventurous and iconoclastic figures of French electronic music scene… As part of our contemporary cultural memory, time for a tribute!

Thanks to her very close friends Anastasia Mordin and Lidia Terki who have made two great movies about her – one as a singular self-portrait “Le Projet Sextoy”, the other as a collection of testimonies “Sextoy Stories” – and so given us the occasion of an intimate celebration in our studio, we are still able to have Sextoy between us, sharing our souvenirs and listening to her special weird music tastes.

For those who perhaps were too young to have met Sextoy’s wild road, she has been a very special character of Parisian clubbing, mixing from lesbian bars and gay sex-clubs to every place that mattered in France, under-overground in end 1990s and early 2000’s – and even worldwide. She has been one of the instigators of what would become a center of nightlife in Paris: “Le Pulp”, place which allowed talented musicians as Jennifer Cardini, Chloé, Kill the DJ label, to grow…

Her style? An absolutely radical freedom of clashing together hard-house, techno, electro-pop, rock, hardcore with soundtracks, porn-movies dialogues… when in the same time, “french-touch” actors got already bogged down in minimal-funky-house for instance, which she was able to play also as a matter of fact since she could play everything, but without being confined to one music style. Hybrid she was also in her way to look like, since she had become a work in progress herself, sort of combination of cyber-manga-porno-punk icon, getting more and more corporal transformations, unlike the other DJs who seemed to be all the same when performing… No judgement here! But this powerful universe around her and her strong personality made her unique and so terribly missed.

Thanks to Miss Kittin, we offer you a very rare four-handed 2-girls-one-mix entitled “Art of Sucking Dick”, made when the two djettes were living together. It’s a lot of fun, specially on the microphone, enjoy!

Max Fraisier-Roux

Ice FM with Sextoy, March 12, 2015, 10.30PM. On Paris Campus Radio.


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