Guest Mix

Dramatis Personae


For a second time, Ice FM has welcomed Vielspaß from French city Rennes in order to introduce you its recent sensation EP “Blasphemie” by a band secretly kept in the shadow: Dramatis Personae. Three DJ guys who have met sharing music, and who put their instruments together in order to compose their own stuff,  motivated by their tastes and by opportunities given by Nicolas Prioux, Vielspaß’ boss.

What’s the result? Three very dark noteworthy irresistible tracks mixing lashing beats and reverberating percussions, with synth loops bringing some kind of cosmic mind­blowing atmosphere which for sure will stuck you on the dancefloor, making you forget past and future, enjoying pure present. Dramatis Personae has a lot of other weapons almost ready, so watch out! Must be noticed that several Vielspaß records are about to be released, specially one very exciting Mick Wills’ EP on sub­label Prego, with special cuts featuring in his last famous epic DJ sets! Keep alert!

Max Fraisier-Roux

Ice FM with Dramatis Personae, March 5, 2015, 10.30PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

  1. B12 (Redcell) ­ – Gimp
  2. Ruhig ­ – Stilness
  3. Iueke ­ – Tape 1
  4. OGC ­ – Hurricane ( Galcher Lustwerk Edit)
  5. Dolo Percussion ­ – Dolo 7
  6. Versalife ­ – Solenoids of Insomnia
  7. KWC 92 ­ – Macau Ferry Terminal
  8. June – ­ Lost Aera( Dj Sprinkles’ Lost Dancefloor Version)
  9. Yôr ­ – Trust
  10. Rawaat ­ – Caverns Of Reflection
  11. Raime ­ – Your Cast Will Tire
  12. Morphosis – ­ Impulse
  13. Invisible Conga people – ­ Can’t feel my knees dub
  14. Gunnar Haslam – ­ Cloud castle lake
  15. Gherkins Jerk ­ – Midi Beats
  16. Syncom Data ­ – Retaliation
  17. Dramatis Personae – Blasphemie


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