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One year ago, we had the honor of welcoming Machi in our studio for their very first radio live performance! A lot of memorable gigs later, here were they again to introduce us their second EP: “Delta”. Well, drummer Mathieu Autin and keyboarder Gabriel Guerin, leader Pumasquat being back to his native land Chile, in order to develop the project in Spanish­speaking and South America countries ! He is excused, since he’s made us the exclusive mix you can find herebelow.

Two original tracks on this new record. “Andino” can be described as a reference to Andean music, based on  “ritmo del diablo”, according to drummer Mathieu. As a matter of fact, it is the first Machi’s real track form, since the band does work a lot through improvisations, releasing being a way for them to close the very physical work­process. It took some time for the guys, due to what is a band adventure, to finalise this one as they wished. Here is the result. “Delta” has a much more disco base quite representing Machi’s work during year 2014, focused on dancing rhythms since members’ initial purpose has always been to make people dance through some kind of magical shamanic ceremony!

Keywords for Machi could be as simple as: energy and liberty. The band records everything live in order to keep raw and free dynamics, to recreate the wild particular exchange between audience and music performed on stage. No need for softwares, which allow to do anything possible, specially infinite changes, but can’t really restore the live­performance force, unfortunately. Machi defines itself as a rock machine transforming traditional material from Andean carnivals into an electro­techno­disco trance.

So this exciting second record is available here for instance but as auto­produced (another kind of freedom for artists), including these two new compositions and also two remixes by Arnaud Rebotini and Low Noise (great one, check here). LP should follow for end of 2015! Until then: Viva Machi!

Max Fraiser-Roux

Machi, December 04, 2014, 10.30 PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

1. Pional ­ It’s all over (Talabot Remix)
2. Matador ­ Svinx
3. Ricardo Villalobos & Jay Haze ­ Fenlow (Haze 2011 dub Remix)
4. Machi ­ Delta (Arnaud Rebotini Remix)
5. Beard in Dust ­ Revolution in Mordor
6. Machi ­ Andino (Low Noise Remix)
7. Talaboman ­ Sideral (Matt Karmil Remix)
8. Roman Flugel “ikizukuri”
9. Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel ­ Ikizukuri
10. Christian Zanesi ­ Marseille 2

Interview (in French) here.


Ice FM is very excited about making you discover Machi, electro-latino-rock project by franco-chilean Puma Squat (Panico), and his associates Mathieu Autin (Think Twice), Merlin & Gab. Resident at Parisian place dedicated to artistic creation Mains d’Oeuvres, the band has just released its first EP « Rewind » (DARE DARE), sort of dance-electro-rock with latino percussions, and performs more and more to offer an complete audio-visual « Dancing Shamanic » experience. Pure Pleasure! Puma Squat mix + Machi Live & interview.

Machi, December 19, 2013, 10.30 PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Justus Kohncke – Timecode
  2. Christian Smith – Indulge me
  3. Beard in Dust  – Gravepine (Lipelis’ Love the Stabs Remix)
  4. Christian Zanesi – Marseille2
  5. Machi  – Delta en Directo (Delta live on Ice FM)
  6. Grupo Palma Africana – La Botellita
  7. Mystery – Bang the Party
  8. Closer music – You don’t know me
  9. Matador – Kingswing
  10. Chateau flight – Les antipodes (Joakim Remix)
  11. Machi – Hoja de Kuka
  12. Fréderic Mercier – Spirit
  13. Christian Zanesi – Marseille2
  14. Machi – Sambadromo Directo Maquinas (Sambadromo live on Ice FM)
  15. Avalanche – Terminal Velocity
  16. Wganda kenya – Tifit Hayed
  17. Camp lo – Black Nostaljack
  18. Machi – Hoja (Del Horno Gab Remix)

photo machi 1photo machi 7photo machi 6

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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  1. Yeah! Yeah!
    Mucho Macho Machi!

    Posted by Merlin | 2013/12/26, 5:33 pm
  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by eclectichead | 2013/12/30, 10:54 pm


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