Antoni Maiovvi

Antoni Maiovvi

On the occasion of his presence in Paris for a Neopren label party with our friend Eva Peel who manages a “deviant disco” community for music fans who like exchanging weird unknown disco-inspired tracks and tips, charismatic line-up guest Antoni Maiovvi made us a mix to introduce or get deeper in his universe.

Who is Antoni Maiovvi, for those who don’t know this sexy-darky Mephistopheles of horrific electro-disco yet ?Well, Antoni has been playing music since the age of 14, in goth bands and noise rock group Geisha (Noise Research Group)… In 2007, he started to compose theatre soundtracks – latest one is a now cult re-score of Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Umberto. « I fell into a career as “disco-guy” – before that I was setting myself up as a serious avant-garde composer, but I guess the universe had other plans ». So, thanks Universe, first pure Maiovvi’s style music has been written end of 2006 – start of 2007, for an album kept confidential. Getting frustrated with labels letting him down, Antoni decided with friend Gianni Vercetti Technicolor to create his own label Giallo Disco records, signing artists as our last season guest Alessandro Parisi, whose music prove to be close to this two-words aesthetic. « I don’t think we were quite prepared for how much work it would be ! It is satisfying holding a record from an artist you really admire in your hand and saying “We made this happen”. So it’s all worthwhile. » Too much work wouldn’t be enough for an hyperactive and over-inspired musician : Antoni has produced lots of tracks these years, for exciting labels such as Cyber Dance, Bordello a Parigi, Vielspass, Death Waltz, among others…

Although Antoni is from Bristol – and I would say his strong personality is quite typically english – , you can find him located in Berlin, involved with the Hot Pony parties at thrilling hot place Sameheads, with Vexkiddy, « more of a cosmic/boogie affair », which recently have given birth to a 12’’ label named Royal Athlete, adventure to be followed!

Maiovvi’s mix here below for us is very typical of his signature: giallo-funk-disco, cosmic-boggie, horror-techno, kind of jokes and eye winks tributes to genre films he’s found of.

Max Fraisier-Roux
(special thanks to Eva Peel for collaboration)

Ice FM with Antoni Maiovvi, November 7, 2014, 10.30PM.

Listen to the long version of the show with the interview (in French) here.


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