Versatile’s Ice Breakers

Versatile's Ice Breakers

It starts being cold outside and even inside, news are bad, we want this to change! So why don’t we pretend it’s summer, have fun and dance, with a glass of white Martini for instance, lemon and ice, and imagine we are at the swimming pool or at the beach… More than that, suppose we are back in our teenage, listening to the radio in the car, going to a party in a french disco club, with our fluo clothes and pop funky-boogie-disco songs in mind, drinking soda we’ve bought at the “Prisunic”. That’s what recommends Vidal Benjamin, one of the coolest collector and improbable 7 inches digger and DJ in our friends with his absolutely divine vintage compilation “Disco Sympathie” just released on our favorite Parisian label Versatile !

What is Disco Sympathie ? Firstly, a way to make music just for one shot with nothing else in mind that earn money, and then spend some nice time with fresh girls and boys on the Riviera. French 80’s “immediate” hedonism as it was in those past happy-go-lucky times: far from hippy utopies, and punk self destruction trips, but still with a nothing-to-care-DIY mood, that is rebel also, especially regarding nowadays, when everything artistic has to be planed as project for the future. Even if music in this record was produced by masters standing in shadow, little one single star’s apprentices were often immediately back to anonymity and it’s a great tribute that Vidal offers to these young Naive cheap poets of radio playlists. Disco Sympathie is also a way to share little hits in intimate small family parties just for joy of amusement, away from fame. That’s why Versatile already has offered two edit samplers by great names of electro under pseudonyms, these musicians being particularly fond of unknown old treasures, and amused by reworking them being hidden.

This Ice FM show was special since we let Vidal and his friends take control of our ship and break the ice, in a pirate-radio mood, all mics opened… Well… “Control”, way to speak, you’ll be the judge ! Hope you will have fun with lots of jokes said, sorry for our french, it’s also a way to make you feel in a discovery-class and on holiday with us !

Max Fraisier-Roux

Ice FM with Versatile’s Ice Breakers, October 30, 2014. 10.30PM on Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

Tracklist: As a second compilation is in planning stage, tracks ID have been kept secret by Vidal… Take appointment for next release!

Listen to the long version of the show with the interview (in French) here.


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