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After spending time with Matias Aguayo for a new collaboration with Cómeme, Colombian multi-instrumentalist gladKazuka – Gregorio Gómez – has stopped in Paris and come to meet Ice FM.

Gregorio has worked with several alternative rock band projects from Medellín since the early 90s, as singer, songwriter, producer, rhythm programer and guitarist. Co-founder of local label Series Media – an important reference of electronic music culture in South America territory -, he’s published his first EP “Panameña” in 2004, re-edited by London label Sonic360.

Connexion with Matias Aguayo has started several years ago through friendship with Sano, Gregorio participating on the production of his friend’s first EP on Cómeme, and then releasing himself a gladKazuka’s track, the famous “El Untiltled”, part of a 2013 compilation, aim being for both Colombian musicians to translate latin flavors to techno territories.

According to him, his first musical contacts were established with guitars in a folkloric family environment but quickly turned to interest in programmable organs and synthesizers. That could be why such an electro-pop hit as “Panameña” might sound so deliciously new-wave, but also because the way Gregorio composes is simple and intuitive : beat, drums and, later in terms of melody, instruments and voices. New Order’s tone shows itself to be more here like a kind of joke, since other Kazuka’s tracks do much more deal with strong and up-tempo electro: his fierce “El Untiltled”, his remix for Sano, or the spooky pop atmosphere in “Doblan”

GladKazuka’s live acts are made with a mixture of jacking dark and quite minimal very danceable electro with irresistible syncopations quite typical of Latin hot-blooded dance music based on offbeats.

Check this here below with his set in our studio, and join us at our party with him, November, Saturday, the 29th, at french place Chez Moune!

Max Fraisier-Roux

Ice FM with GladKazuka, November 20, 2014. 10.30PM on Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.



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