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One of the albums we couldn’t wait much longer for is finally out: C.A.R.’s « My Friend », on still unclassifiable french label Kill the DJ! And it’s with a great great pleasure that we’ve welcomed autumn burning sensation and icy beauty Chloé Raunet in our studio to intimately talk about it with a lot of smiles and eye blinks.

What’s to discover on this record ? You will appreciate by yourself that Chloé’s aesthetic on several tracks proves to be as sophisticated and inspiring as her first published EPs : no need at Ice FM to indicate the correlations between her compositions and our tastes, we let you make them, but we can say that a strong evocation power is at work during twelve songs, at the same time as an assertive personality in the background. Something happens coldly and warmly, darkly and radiantly, secretly violent and unashamedly humorous, between rock, pop and electro accents, across decades.

You may have already heard about « Idle Eyes », whose original version, video, and multiple remixes by great challenging-electro personalities – on Kill the DJ and Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques de la Mort -, contribute to deeply anchoring the chiaroscuro iconoclastic and funny tone of « My Friend ». If not: here is this emblematic hit.

Where does this mixture of sensations come from, which sounds ideal for cold seasons, when you’re freezing at dusk coming, looking anywhere for a warm place, comfort, strength, and then putting your favorite appropriate record on ? Must be from a natural capacity to compose what we sometimes name « melancholic » melodies : a successful alchemy between minor and major keys and tones, in vocal phrases, tracks and album compositions – tracks alternating. Must also be part of Chloé’s personality reflecting : getting victorious in a laugh as a white soldier reaching out from inner darkness.

Make your own story about what it’s musically here about. We just have to say that we get a new masterpiece which we probably will put next to our favorite albums, those we like to listen and meet again and again, as old friends.

Chloé’s made us a very fine and discerning music selection reflecting her eclectic and racy tastes. We recommend her own bi-weekly radio show Latête Atoto on London platform NTS, thursdays just after Ice FM!

Max Fraisier-Roux

Ice FM with C.A.R., October 23, 2014. 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

  1. Eden Ahbez – La Mar
  2. The 57th Parallel – In This Light
  3. Moebius & Plank – Conditionierer
  4. Alexander Von Borsi – Hiroshima
  5. The Duke Of Burlinton – Bourée
  6. Comrade Oleau – Tiny Revolutions
  7. Chris & Cosey and The Eurythmics – Sweet Surprise
  8. Bruce Haack – Blow Job
  9. Coil – A Cold Cell in Bangkok
  10. Rafael Brom – Dream, O Let Me Be
  11. Mamman Sani- Ci Da Dy
  12. Spike – ES Rever
  13. Jeff & Jane Hudson – The Girl From Ipanema
  14. Plaisir de France – Chanson D’Adieu
  15. Jane – Love Song
  16. Micachu – Top Floor

Bonus : Interview (French) with Chloé, Fany Corral and Stéphanie Fichard from Kill The DJ here.


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