Guest Mix

In The Dark Again


So here we are, starting a new season, and we do it with one of our best friends, Snuffo! Who’s he? Mmm hard to say, some kind of acid house music masked avenger, some sort of ravy techno robber… We’ve learned to know him as part and mastermind of Snuff Crew, we’ve introduced you almost a year ago. But his musical targets keeps being quite mysterious…

Living in Berlin, running Snuff Trax label, Snuffo always filled with energy, curiosity and exploration mood, just needed more, as involved in other projects such as Kat Channel ­ with Berlin fond of old school and experimental music young lady Alienata, and Cellarkalt – experimental noise ­ (he promises lives this winter).

Because this guy has broad ideas concerning music, and he knows how to combine what dancefloors require, rhythm, dynamic, and experiment, mixture of genres, so that hits are not only nightclubs “bombs” but also some other kind of dance music or whatever you can name it, spreading through different influences, styles and decades.

So he started this year the In the Dark again adventure: « a vinyl only label for dark and trippy music. Psychedelic Acid, New Wave, Minimal Synth, Industrial, dark Electro, it`s a sinister mixture of styles. », here is how he defines it. Suits Ice FM perfectly, doesn’t it? First release was in june, including acid trance-­house by Dirtbox Jams from Cologne, EBM-­electro by Atheninan KSTS, or psyche­-electro­-ravy­-house by Emil Seidel from Frankfurt. Of course, this amalgamation of qualifying terms sounds absolutely like rubbish, but however, it’s the evidence that artists casted by Snuffo, don’t restrict themselves to one style or influence, but opt for all kind of inspirations which allow them to produce clever hybrid pieces without making a musical bind.

Great surprise of forthcoming EP is presence of a french cult name: In Aeternam Vale, experimental punk project born in middle of 80s drifting to electro minimalism and even minimal techno before its german time. Two tracks by Laurent Prot: « Valium Water », 16’38 of acid electro-­techno in minor mode, and « I can’t stand it anymore » with electro­-rock reminiscence. Between them, one title by non less important English Ekoplekz (Nick Edwards) from Bristol, man with multiple aliases, released in 2013­-2014 on Planet Mu, and whose Warpy tone enlivened by breakbeat and even dubstep accents could be an alternative to Aphex Twin’s Syro and its omnipresence this autumn.

As Snuffo only plays live in public, and doesn’t consider himself as a DJ ­and I must say that I have a lot of respect for this kind of musical position, I had to insist for him to make us a music selection, as I know he’s acquainted with a lot of various stuff. Here is what he thinks that « fits the vibe of In the Dark Again. »

Enjoy the obscure!

Max Fraisier-Roux

In The Dark Again with Snuffo, October 2, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

  1. Frak ­ Voyage No. 1
  2. Liberda ­ Dämmern
  3. Dirtbox Jams ­ Science Fiction
  4. Titanoboa ­ Ante Sapina
  5. Fred Bigot ­ Lost America
  6. KSTS ­ Bianca Likes Boogie Bondage
  7. Ligovskoi ­ G.Y (In Aeternam Vale Remix)
  8. Starship Commander Woo Woo ­ Master Ship
  9. Esplendor Geometrico ­ Necrosis En La Ploya
  10. Asmus Tietchens ­ Abhuster Nebulizer
  11. Fad Gadget ­ Back To Nature
  12. Hieroglyphic Being ­ The Human Experience
  13. Conrad Schnitzler ­ No title 2:38
  14. Die Partei ­ Allerheiligen
  15. SQÜRL feat. Madeline Follin ­ Funnel Of Love


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