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Femminielli Noir

Femminielli Noir Show

Fighting against summertime boredom and sadness, Ice FM offers you an exceptionally strong and disturbing cold-as-ice show, inviting one of the most iconoclastic duo of underground electro-scene – yes, such a scene still does exist: Canadian infernal Femminielli Noir.

Both in charge with risky and noteworthy solo projects, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) and Bernardino Femminielli got together to develop raw electronic bombs made of some kind of experimental-noise-no wave hint, with extremely dark and hard-sexy touches, all according to brilliant black humour and transgressive work-in-progress gesture.

Their musical poetry, moving in troubled waters and dissident live sets, could remind us of some famous irreverent performers, but we should NOT allude to references here, Femminielli Noir’s watchwords being: “hybrids, and hybrids of hybrids”, or motto: “Free yourself from yourself!”. Just read the statement here, which should give an idea of their philosophy if you want to get their motivations…

In order to keep on celebrating its astounding “Malas Influencias” EP on mysterious Mind Records label, we’ve asked the duo a music-selection, and we can say we’ve not been disappointed: 19 tracks indicated smartly and ironically as “out-takes, demos, garbage audio files, future releases and jams” and entitled “Basic Instinct”, which just actually has the effect of an ice-pick sticked right inside your ears and brain. As bonus icy selection : the already famous gloomy spellbinding 14 minutes masterpiece “Me Gusta El Dolor”. So, take it on the rocks !

Max Fraisier-Roux

Femminielli Noir, July 31, 2014, 09PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

Basic Instinct
This mix was made out of out-takes, demos, garbage audio files, future releases and jams.

  1. Femminielli Noir – Pisseur (Rapide)
  2. Femminielli Noir – L’Urée
  3. Femminielli Noir – Fallope
  4. Femminielli Noir – La Magie Douce
  5. Femminielli Noir – Nein Danke
  6. Femminielli Noir – Funky Musik
  7. Femminielli Noir – Agitateurs II
  8. Femminielli Noir – Minimanal
  9. Femminielli Noir – Mariposa
  10. Femminielli Noir – Sa Whip
  11. Femminielli Noir – Vidange
  12. Femminielli Noir – Blah Blah Blah Blah
  13. Femminielli Noir – Doune
  14. Femminielli Noir – Ped Disko
  15. Femminielli Noir – Lubrification III
  16. Femminielli Noir – Kraft
  17. Femminielli Noir – Sorcière De Marde
  18. Femminielli Noir – Confabulation
  19. Femminielli Noir – Lubrification IX

Bonus Track
Femminielli Noir – Me Gusta El Dolor

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