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Red Axes


It isn’t too late to introduce Red Axes debut LP « Ballad on the Ice », out a couple of months ago on now essential parisian label I’m a Cliché especially with such a preordained name connected with us, which means cold and refreshing!

Duo Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik have always lived in Tel Aviv, been members of rock band Red Cotton since the 90s, and then moved to electronic nasty sounds and rhythms cleverly linked with their musical background influences. Several EP releases  for Cosmo Vitelli’s label, Throne of Blood, Correspondant, made them immediately settled in electro-and-more scene through impressive clubby productions: absolutely effective and identifiable very soon, due to a subtile assimilation of what funk and punk music could bring to groove and dancefloors current mood in queer places. You will be able to acknowledge this point of vue by listening to their exclusive mix for Ice FM, oscillating from electro to new-wave, synth-pop, rock, disco… very typical of their unique style. See Red Axes on stage July, 4th at Nuba, Paris!

Bonus Interview: Boss Cosmo Vitelli was with us to explain his relationship to Red Axes and other artists from I’m a Cliché, his artistic directions, likes, dislikes, projects… one week before exciting label’s party at Java, Paris, June, 27th, co-starring Tim Paris and Marc Piñol.

Max Fraisier-Roux

Red Axes, with Cosmo Vitelli, June 19, 2014, 10.30 PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

  1. Fatima Al Qadiri – Hainan Island
  2. Maricopa – Sunset Orange Prins Thomas – Hans Majestet
  3. Blase – The Third Wall
  4. Children’s Medicine – I’m In The Dance
  5. Galaxie 500 -Spook (Yovav Edit)
  6. Spiritualized ‘Mississippi Space Program’ – Always Together With You (The Bridge Song)
  7. Room 101 – Away and After
  8. Maurice & Charles – I, Carpenter (Piers Harrison REMIX)
  9. Snakefinger – Living in Vain
  10. Psychemagik – African Fever
  11. The Fat White Family – Touch the Leather (Redux)
  12. The Imps – 3Uh Oh
  13. La La Vazquez – A mexican Ghost on a Boat

Cosmo Vitelli interview (in French) here.
Ice FM radio show wit Bot’Ox here.

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum

Created by Tel Aviv based young producers and dj’s, Red Axes works for six years now and walk through different kind of music ever since. Members of a new-wave – post-punk band, they took part in the expansion of the techno-house scene in their city, promoting dj’s and parties. Since 2009, they started to release tracks, and their sixth EP “Tour de Chile”, just released on I’m A Cliché, will perfectly introduce the theme of the show, electronic and disco. Stay tuned for an exclusive mix.

Red Axes, March 1st, 2012, 10 PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Listen & Download here.

  1. Telex – Victime de la Societe 2 (Sonet)
  2. Drexciya – Dehydration
  3. Principles of Geometry – Carbon Cowboy (Krikor Edit)
  4. Human Woman – Delusional (Kasper Bjorke Remix)
  5. Daniel Avery – Oyster
  6. Raudive – Levels
  7. Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso – Colt Seavers
  8. Etienne Jaumet – Entropy
  9. Daphni – Ahora
  10. Tom Trago – We Like Dubs
  11. Night Moves – Transdance
  12. Unknown Artist
  13. Red Axes – Tour De Chile
  14. Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together (Michael Mayer Remix)
  15. Unknown Artist
  16. Omar S – Sarah
  17. Booze – Side Effect
  18. Grauzone – Raum (Atas Extended Mix)
  19. DAF – Der Raeuber und der Prinz
  20. Peaches – Turn It On (Daniel Maloso remix)
  21. Abstraxion – Moribayasa (Dj Kaos Remix)
  22. Sangue De Cristo  – Ponta Do Mato
  23. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand (Red Axes & Niv Hadas Edit)
  24. Psychic TV – Stolen Kisses

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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