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Hard to define what happened when young french one-band man Holy Strays – Sébastien Forrester – and his baritone-saxophonist friend Mickael Chevenement spread their unique music through an epic improvised live set in Ice FM’s studio! I think we would have liked being outdoors to enjoy this amazing combination of natural organic and mineral sounds arranged in a subtle dubby-atmospheric techno, with brilliant saxophone and vocals samples interventions, but its sonic architecture was powerful enough to bring us far away from where we were just standing…

After a very noteworthy debut EP « Chasm » last year, Sébastien Forrester was here to present his new digital 7’’ « Pathless March / Seance » on Atelier Ciseaux: two powerful compositions including folk and gothic musical elements through voices, organ, classical instruments and percussions use, all allied according to his innate sense of creating symphonic soundscapes.

With Holy Strays, I’m not afraid to say that we attend emergence of a very significant and exciting talented artist, attached to sharing his influences and favorites – as in his mixed selection following the live session – , also his creation process  in interview (check the visual notebook on Atelier Ciseaux’s website too), which is a quite rare gift nowadays concerning digital music.

Consider it said.

Max Fraisier-Roux

Holy Strays, May 29, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

Holy Strays Mix

  1. Holy Strays – Seance
  2. FIS – Iterations
  3. Lafawndah – Tango Down
  4. Dino Sabatini – Soul Capture
  5. Quirke – There’s Half a Moon in your Mouth
  6. Fawkes – Ekno
  7. Paulie Jan x NAASH – Requiem 1 (Extract)
  8. SWANS – Screen Shot
  9. Joe Henderson x Alice Coltrane – Water
  10. Drummers of the Société Absolument Guinin – Congo

Holy Strays and Michaël Chevenement interview (in French) here.

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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