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This week The Hacker presents the first part of his new LP released in April by his label Zone Music “Love / Kraft” and delivers for Ice FM a mix that gathers his favourite tracks.

Michel Amato began with French raves, spread worldwide his stylish-elegant electro-clash cadenced by the cold tone of Miss Kittin, founded Goodlife records with Oxia and then keeps up his productions, always inspired by Electro and New Wave. The Hacker has remained faithful to his roots, his music and his city of Grenoble close to the French Alpes. But today he breathes fresh air thanks to Zone Music, created with Gesaffelstein, that woven together two generations of techno producers (Maelstrom, Crackboy, Arnaud Rebotini, Djedjotronic, Carretta, Mikron the new release).

After “Mélodie en sous-sol” (1999) and “Rêves mécaniques” (2004), “Love / Kraft” is his third solo album. With this LP, The Hacker refers to at least two emblematic figures: Howard Phillips “H.P.” Lovecraft, the American horror writer, and Kraftwerk. These two influences are present along the first part of his LP, particularly in the terrifying and gloomy “Driftin”. The Hacker promises us that its second part (release in September) will be sweeter than the first one. No matter the mood he shares with us (harsh, cold or sweet), or the machines he works with, The Hacker still retains a genuine savoir-faire.

Laurent Duparc

The Hacker, May 15, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio

The Hacker Mix

  1. Fad Gadget – Lady Shave
  2. Front 242 – Take One (Re-Built)
  3. Depeche Mode – Leave In Silence
  4. Nitzer Ebb – Shame (Mix Two)
  5. D.A.F. – Brothers
  6. Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque
  7. Crash Course In Science – Flying Turns
  8. Kraftwerk – Numbers
  9. Dopplerefekt – Porno Star 
  10. New Order – 586
  11. The Hacker feat. Perspect – A Thousand Time


  1. The Hacker feat. Perspects – Flesh and Bone
  2. The Hacker – Fadin Away
  3. The Hacker & Oxia – Another Side
  4. The Hacker – Night Drive
  5. The Hacker – Driftin

The Hacker interview (in French) here.

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3 thoughts on “The Hacker

  1. Wish i could download this to enjoy while driving

    Posted by Secondsphere | 2014/07/25, 7:34 pm


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