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Principles of Geometry


Principles of Geometry have released their first album nine years ago. For the fourth one “Meanstream” (Tigersushi) they didn’t change their analogical unique touch but they came up with their pop music.

You have probably two ways to listen the new LP from Jeremy Duval et Guillaume Grosso, the two musicians and sound engineers known for their atmospheric & gloomy synthwave. You can see Meanstream as a monument of futurist pop culture that both refers back to a quite glistening 80’s synthpop thanks to Alessi Brothers vocals and melodies (the twins formerly famous for Savin’The Day from Ghostbusters soundtrack and who are present into three tracks) and plays with current pop or R’n’B grooves. You can also see Meanstream as an explorative research, which doesn’t take itself too seriously, to mix IDM and mainstream tunes and to dream up a new language, a vintage & cosmic way, somewhere between Andy Gibb and Drexciya. Exciting or disturbing!

To present that singular experience, Principles of Geometry are with us and offered to Ice FM their new arpmixtape named MEANHATTAN which brightly mash up styles and times, as usual. In the second part a short Ice FM’s selection, then Principles of Geometry interview.

Laurent Duparc

Principles of Geometry, May 15, 2014, 10.30PM. ON Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.


  1. Plaid – Hawkmoth
  2. Barry De Vorzon – V,The Final Battle
  3. James Holden – Inter City 125
  4. Boards of Canada – Sick Times
  5. Principles of Geometry – Roanoke
  6. D.K. – It’s Going Down
  7. Logos – Ex 101
  8. Pusha T – numbers on the boards
  9. Principles of Geometry – Lonnie
  10. Tobacco – Spitlord
  11. Pye Corner Audio – Foreshadowed
  12. Dexter Wansel – One Million Miles From Ground
  13. Egyptology – the Skies (Principles of Geometry Remix)
  14. The Reds – Lecter’s Cell
  15. John Fahey – Knott’s Berry Farm Molly (Instrumental)
  16. Gorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream
  17. Peter Gabriel – San Jacinto
  18. Principles of Geometry – Videostore
  19. Cluster & Eno – Schöne Hände
  20. Champagne Eagle – Penthouse Shower scene


  1. Poni Hoax – The Symbionese Bride (Principles of Geometry’s Poni Hoax’s Paper Bride)
  2. Joakim – On the Beach (Principles of Geometry Remix)
  3. Principles of Geometry – Golem (EAT Remix)

Principles of Geometry interview here.

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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