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Bordello A Parigi

Boredello A Parigi radioshow

For the third time, Ice FM supports the iconoclastic « Rendez-Vous » party, May, the 9th, at the Batofar (Paris). Why « iconoclastic » ? Because we think its organizers are brave enough to propose rare music in parisian clubbing landscape, to book artists we are not used to see and listen to every month here, and who have a strong personality!

So this event is dedicated to dutch label Bordello A Parigi – as its name doesn’t really sounds like – , defined by its own boss De Dupe, as « a label specialized in vintage electronic music styles and visual pleasure. » Indeed ! Just have a look to the website : it’s easy to figure out how music, sleeve artworks, and also fashion are intimately tied in total unity of modern aesthetic gesture : linking past kitsch-tasty influences and present stylish inspiration.

To start this Ice FM show, Mark du Mosch, recently signed by dutch labels Dekmantel, Tape Records, but also by english one Tabernacle, affiliated to Bordello, offered us a very sensual electro-housy- italo-disco DJ set, full of cult hits you will never forget once heard, if you don’t know them yet! Then, boss De Dupe rewarded us with exclusive edits, winking at us, french 80s fans… Bonus: exclusive track by The Hasbeens (Alden Tyrell – DJ Overdose), premiere on the radio during the interview! Savour this forestate of what you can’t miss next week: Fix your Rendez-Vous for Bordello A Parigi at… Parigi !

Max Fraisier-Roux

Bordello A Parigi, April 24, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

Mark Du Mosch

  1. Future World Orchestra – I’m Not Afraid Of The Future (Dureco)
  2. D’Arcangelo – Diagram VII (80’s Mix) (Rephlex)
  3. Maestro R.B. – B6 (Green)
  4. Ralf Hennings – Unheimliche Schattenlichter (ZYX)
  5. Xenon – Galaxi (Full Time)
  6. Fred Ventura – The Years (Go By)
  7. 1984 Demo Instrumental (Italians Do It Better)
  8. Larry Paul Emmett – Evita (Gei-Ar)
  9. Ellie King – Special Offer (Solid)
  10. Nola York – Hi Fantasy (Injection)
  11. Skatebard – Love In The Night (Bordello A Parigi)
  12. Project Democracy ft. China – Is This Dream For Real? (Under Dog)
  13. One On One Crew – Bassin’ (Jack Trax)
  14. Walt & Dave – Jamie’s Dream (Vigilanty)
  15. Cisco Ferreira – Cisco’s Groove (Fragile)
  16. Kadenza – Let’s Stay Together (Instr.) (PRT)
  17. Jean Schultheis – Playmate (Carrere)
  18. Firefly – Love (Emergency)
  19. Kristal – Eté Super (Monkey Music)

De Dupe

  1. Wax – Wax Dance (Dupe edit)
  2. Gérard Blanc – Une autre histoire (Dupe dub)
  3. The Hasbeens – Maybe

Rendez-Vous Interview (in French)

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum



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