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Ice FM has always opened its doors to young talents, now we would like to do it much better: for musicians who are not necessary « signed » on any label. Because even if their music could be only made for themselves, and not necessary shared with public, when they decide to offer it « outdoors » for any reason, via websites allowing this existence, it must be because they try to reach some ears!

One of our last month crushes was an album named « Expect Random », sent quite privately to us, by french producer Tasmo. Knowing him for DJ sets next to great artists, such as Donato Dozzy or Dino Sabatini, we didn’t expect such a maturity in his secret compositions, combining great deep minimalistic and also abstract sounds, turning in second part of the LP into a powerful atmospheric acid techno. Very surprising story told.

Seemed to us so inspired for a young work, that the boy deserved our exceptional invitation. So Tasmo made a mix for Ice FM to help us discover influences of his universe. Be curious, enjoy, and support the artist here!

Max Fraisier-Roux

Tasmo mix (download here)

  1. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man – Test 3
  2. Artefakt – Twilit
  3. Nax_Acid & Alessio Pili – Uchronox
  4. Ness – Thought 1
  5. Abdulla Rashim – Endasilasie
  6. Dino Sabatini – Vision Quest
  7. Ventress – Typhon (Abdulla Rashim Remix)
  8. Bleak – Ekko
  9. Pfirter – New state of consciousness
  10. Sleeparchive – A man dies in the street PT.2 / 6
  11. Trevino – Uptight

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3 thoughts on “Tasmo

  1. amazing playlist, a set like journey

    Posted by talesofpsychofonia | 2014/07/22, 9:21 pm


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