Guest Mix

Clément Meyer

Clement Meyer radioshow

As guest for exciting Hartzine’s club event « Minimal is Maximal », Clément Meyer, was with us in studio to set the tone. Young boss of henceforth essential french label Get the Curse, Clément is one of these DJ-producers who has quickly guessed where to perform, with the right colleagues, in order to keep being exciting, delivering appropriate and always unexpected music selections through DJ sets and also as talents promoter.

Organizing residences at Rex Club, and now concentrated on his new sub-label Oddfrequencies, his focus gradually becomes experimenting new kinds of electronic compositions, as this set for Ice FM testifies, linking synth vintage rough sounds of oldies with actual necessary and efficient shapes, through a very modern gesture.

Aki Trash came with Clément to represent Hartzine: a very recommandable alternative french webzine to discover, close to Ice FM’s point of vue, motivated by the constant esthetic philosophy of being where not to be, and doing/thinking by yourself unfollowing the mass web-media movement. Daily selecting musical treasures and upstanding artistic scene actors, Hartzine proposes regular atypical parties, as the one to come, honoring essential Minimal Wave label, with Veronica Vasicka coming, joined by electro rare cult performers: Philippe Laurent – Hot Bip, In Aeternal Vale, and the young talented composer Ice FM has already welcomed with his band Milan: Holy Strays.

Max Fraisier-Roux

Clément Meyer, April 3, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Günter Schickert – Es Ist schön Kurz Vor 12
  2. Donatto Dozzy & Nuel – Aqua 3
  3. Streetwalker – Ooze (Silent Servant Remix)
  4. Bass Clef – What Time Is Hate
  5. Gesloten Cirkel – Twisted Balloon
  6. Zn2 – Safety March
  7. Vapauteen – Basilics
  8. Deecoy – No Means Necessary
  9. Klaus Schulze – Freeze
  10. ?
  11. Medio Mutante – Another Land
  12. Trash Groove Girls – Gimme
  13. Loops of Your Heart – Lost in The Mirror
  14. The Raymond Scott Variations

Clément Meyer and Aki Trash interview (in French)

And Listen to Philippe Laurent & Milan radioshows.

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum



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