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Young arty label Vielspaß based in Rennes has been Ice FM’s honor for its brave and incredible Fade to Dark EP release. Very close to our philosophy which tries to combine alternative music with other artistic forms and behaviors, team manager Nicolas Prioux, established in DMA art gallery, supports local creators, designers, music composers, and talented worldwide champions, such as just-signed for this great record: Plastique de Rêve, Antonio Maiovvi….

Aim is to mix energies and to create a multidisciplinary dynamic, especially through parties which Vielspaß organizes in exciting quite confidential places with very very stunning line-ups. Check it out for next months! Interview and guest mix here below by Vielspaß residents and colleagues: Beef n’ Weasel brothers duo with relentless electro, acid-house, disco-nu-wave selection, just as we like it!

Max Fraisier-Roux

Vielspaß, February 27, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Ron Jason & Kim Ann Foxman  –  A
  2. Cosmic Force – Particle 2
  3. The Egyptian Lover – Sexy Style
  4. VernoN – Belgium Stance
  5. Marteen Van Der Vleuten – Holographic Inserts
  6. LA 4A – Invader
  7. DJ Ra-Soul – True Science
  8. Hardfloor – Skill Shot version
  9. Alessandro Parisi – Azot Et Ignis
  10. Philipp Boston – Serious Disco
  11. Squadra Blanco – The that doesn’t stop
  12. Ray Escortienda – Time waits for no man
  13. Freestyle – Party has begun
  14. Catnip – Word to the bird
  15. Bizzy B – The night calls
  16. The Cellar Boyz – Pay me
  17. Murphy Jax – Film Music 1983
  18. Myriadd – House of Babel
  19. Goodnight Moon – Question Mark
  20. Willie Collon – Set Fire to me (Latin jazzbo version)

Nicolas Prioux interview (in French)

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum



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