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Mondkopf radio show

His new LP “Hades” blasts through you like a meteor. Mondkopf who releases his fourth album continues on its way, somewhere between dark noise techno and heartfelt melodies. But three years have passed between that record and his former one.

In this LP, the French producer tries a new diving into an epic and unknown world. He gives up his former patterns and invents an entire universe ruled by a single-minded narration (Hades I, II, III), stripped back motifs & unremitting rhythm which successively conjure up devastated landscapes, war images, calming sceneries. That evocative power also goes through his mix played at Ice FM.

The result of this mix?  An astonishing trip opened by a drone attack, a seducing soundtrack dedicated to our next endless vacancy in Purgatory. Listen to his mix and discover, if you didn’t yet know its universe, his label In Paradisum, co-founded with Guillaume Heuguet, which gathers several exciting producers and bridges “industrial” & noise music with house & techno.

Laurent Duparc

Mondkopf, February 13, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. SS/S – Siglo 1
  2. Karl O’ Connor & Mick Harris – Untilted
  3. Der Blutmarsch – Untilted 8
  4. Mika Vainio – Magnetosphere
  5. Max Cooper – Impacts (Perc Remix)
  6. Concrete Fence – The Unabridged Truth
  7. Headless Horseman – Decapitation
  8. Ekman -Sharada
  9. Kobosil – Think & Think
  10. Milena Kriegs – Torpor
  11. Monica Hits The Ground – Reduced Life Expectancy 7
  12. Perc – Galloper
  13. Peverelist & Asusu – Surge
  14. Shifted – Pulse Incomplete
  15. Planetary Assault Systems – No Exit
  16. Szare – Uprising
  17. Florian Kupfer – Unreal
  18. Regis – Blood Witness
  19. Blawan – Peaches (Coronation)
  20. Ancient Methods – AM-2A1
  21. Damaskin – Contra Theatra
  22. L’estasi Dell’oro – Kingdom For A Kiss
  23. Regis – Thirst
  24. Untold – Overdrive

Mondkopf & Guillaume Heuguet (In Paradisum) interview (in French)

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum



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