Guest Mix

Etienne Jaumet

Etienne Jaumet

French musician Etienne Jaumet is involved in a cycle of prolific collaborations due to a mild hyperactivity. Member of several bands, founder of Zombie Zombie, the indie electronic duo he makes up with Neman, Etienne Jaumet recently stands out with James Holden and Chateau Marmont. To resume, Jaumet gained a belated but large recognition not only with his “Detroit on Seine” techno, as Ivan Smagghe wrote, or his tribute to John Carpenter, but also thanks to his appetite, his synth & indie nerd side, his psyche touch & his high-powered saxophone incursions.

In his new project, Etienne Jaumet get with Richard Pinhas, French electronic rock godfather and releases Vents Solaires EP (Versatile), presented as an epic odyssey and a space travel that could both enchants and hypnotizes (it works). At this occasion, Jaumet offers to Ice FM a mix that harkens back to ambiant and krautrock pioneers. And the hurry man promises to unveil his new LP by next October.

Laurent Duparc

Etienne Jaumet, February 6, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Manuel Gottsching / Ash Ra Tempel – Sunrain
  2. Paris Smith – Pentatonia
  3. Baster Dury – Hotel in Brixton
  4. John Cage – A Dip in the Lake
  5. Eno, Moebius, Rodelius – Broken Head
  6. Atom TM – Ich bin meine Maschine
  7. Patrick Cowley – Nightcrawler
  8. Craig Leon – Four eyes to see
  9. Sommet – Summit
  10. Jack Rose – Now that i’m a full grown
  11. Igor Wakhevitch – Amenthi
  12. Richard Pinhas et Etienne Jaumet – Vents solaires part 2

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