Guest Mix

Nico Motte


Nico Motte, last release of the promising parisian label Antinote, strikes Ice FM for his fabulous synth parts, and unlimited love of  analogic world. Indeed, Nico Motte, the man behind the covers of Antinote, is a passionate of old synthetisers and a high fine digger of unknown wax plates. So, for his first EP, Ice FM is pround to introduce you to his mix. Moreover, we had Geena and Zaltan in the studio. Zaltan rules Antinote, and Geena is the house-preacher for the label. Parisian answer to the electronic rest of world is here to last.

Nico Motte, January 16, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Antoine Kogut & Nicolas Motte – Untitled
  2. Nico Motte – Transpersonnal
  3. Michael Bundt – Neon
  4. The Flaser soundtrack – Sour Soul
  5. Arkham – SpectreInfluenza Prods – Pretty City
  6. Nino Nardini – Moon Baby
  7. Clyde Borly & Ses Percussions Afromania
  8. Klaus Schonning – Skovfragmenter
  9. Lard free – Warinobaril
  10. The Animated Egg – Sock It My Way
  11. Juliano Sorgini – Dophing
  12. Two Partners – XXX
  13. Ariel Kalma – Danse Soeur
  14. James Asher – Oriental Workload
  15. Cha Cha Distel – Untitled
  16. Conspiracy International – Two Thy Gift of Tongues
  17. Carlos Peron – Breaking-in
  18. Courage – Talking Drums
  19. Jeanette – El Amor Toca El Violin

Nico Motte, Zaltan et Geena interview (in French) here.

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