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Special evening event with Turzi on Paris Campus Radio. In the first part, Cluster radio show broadcasts the Turzi musical setting of Nosferatu that offered a new vision of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s masterpiece. In the second part, Romain Turzi, who prepares his fourth LP at Record Makers, shares with Ice FM one of his mind-blowing journey. According to him, his mix tape combines childish and nightmare, weightlessness and extreme brutality.

Turzi, January 9, 2014, 10.30PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Children’s song around the world (vol.2 India) – Kannadaa
  2. Brainticket – Brainticket Part 2
  3. Dopplereffekt – Compactification
  4. FSP – Faraday
  5. Horrific Child – H-I-A (Horreur Indescriptible et Accumulée)
  6. Le Hawk – Hurry on Sundown
  7. Ahmed Zeppelin – Making of Friends
  8. Kopyright Liberation Front – 3 AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix)
  9. Neu! – 07 86 Commercial Trash
  10. Sonic Youth – Superstar
  11. Space – Mercury
  12. Monsieur Igor Wakhevitch – Taddy’s Dream
  13. Space – Venus
  14. Jean Yves Tourbin – Tiens voilà la Lune
  15. Hans Joachim Roedelius – Fou Fou
  16. Children’s song around the world (Vol. 2 India) – Katak Lompak
  17. Le Dream – Remote Viewing
  18. XXX – XXX
  19. Jean Baptiste Laurin – Gaston Chanson
  20. Maripol – Petit enfant
  21. Mellow – Dragonfly Car Chase
  22. Children’s song around the world (Vol. 2 India) – Abang Balik Kampung
  23. Faust – Blanquette

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