Agent Colors: Different Greys Revisited

Ice FM

In a timeless cold winter, as we drive from London to Bristol we’ll travel through three decades of dark electronic feelings. Inspired by “Radio On”, directed by Christopher Petit (1979). A fine selection of dark european spirit and extracts mixed from the movie, initially broadcast in 2012 and recently revisited by Antoine Riposte.

Agent Colors: Different Greys Revisited, September 28, 2013, 11PM. On Ice FM / Reboot.fm Berlin. Download here.

  1. Christopher Petit – Radio On (Sam Ellum & Riposte Edit)
  2. AFX – Home Made Polysynth
  3. Pink military – Degenerated Man
  4. Section 25 – Girls Don’t Count
  5. Lene Lovitch – Home
  6. John Heckle – The Magic Number
  7. Philippe Laurent – Exposition 5
  8. Conrad Schnitzler – Das Trier
  9. Les Visiteurs du Soir – Je t’Ecris d’un Pays
  10. Radio On Christopher Petit Sam Ellum Edit
  11. Radio On Christopher Petit Vs Ceephax Acid Crew Radio Nowhere (Riposte Edit)
  12. Dj Technician – Never Never
  13. Magnetite – The Light Curve
  14. Novamen – Lies
  15. Radio On Christopher Petit Vs Kraftwerk- Space Lab (Riposte Edit)
  16. Pas De Deux – Cardiocleptomanie

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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