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Acid Washed

Acid Washed show

French duet Acid Washed (Andrew Claristidge et Richard d’Alpert) was center stage in July with its very noteworthy second LP « House of Melancholy », signed by prestigious parisian label Record Makers. Considered as a return to the roots of its own definition of house and techno, its compositions give melody a good deal, calling up several influences : pop music, Italian disco, movie soundtracks, diluted together with vintage sounds, still firmly modern and effective, oriented to the dancefloor, following an hedonistic approach. Acid Washed’s guest mix for Ice FM will fit into this movement: unstoppable groovy and funky rhythmics, spellbinding tracks.

Acid Washed, February 7, 2013, 10.30 PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Intro
  2. Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express (Melokolektiv Edit)
  3. The Starving Burgers – Anthem
  4. Moscoman – Misled Loophole
  5. Yesco & Rocco Desentis – El Ritmo Cha Cha Cha
  6. Alien Alien – The Nights (GM Pop Remix)
  7. Terranova – Painkiller – Michael Mayer Remix
  8. Padded Cell – Deviancy Amp
  9. The KDMS – Party Time Lovers  (Acid Washed Remix)
  10. In Flagranti – What A Rush
  11. VFR – Starbust
  12. Mercury Feat. Teki Latex – Levitate
  13. X-Press 2 – Crystal Clearings
  14. Djedjotronic – Junkbox
  15. Molécule – Ultra Bleu (Acid Washed Remix)
  16. Jackson & His Computer Band – Orgysteria

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