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Deviant Disco, as White Line…

Ice FM

Me go play turkish disco factory records stuffs. And maybe one true disco because in my 12″ collection it would be a shame to keep theses sucky slackness rythms to me… By Laurent Duparc, Antoine Riposte and Sam Ellum. March, 7, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Deviant Disco, as White Line…

  1. Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra – Still You
  2. Mudd – 54B (Ray Mang Bonus Beats)
  3. Bottin, Rodion – One for All (Extended version)
  4. Clap Rules – Happynomony (Justin Robertsons The Deadstock’ 33s Remix)
  5. Fernando – Blue Ampala (Ray Mang Remix)
  6. Ilija Rudman – Dance Disorder (Faze Action Remix)
  7. Mario Basanov – Caribbean Girl (Ichisan Remix)
  8. Clap Rules – Pericoloso (Daniel Maloso Remix)
  9. Bernard Lavilliers – Night Bird
  10. Yello –  Downtown Samba
  11. Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes d’amour (Dub)
  12. Challenger – Grand Prix
  13. Foremost Poets – Reasons to be dismal
  14. Roni Griffith – Spys
  15. Quando Quango Atom Rock New York Remix Oma
  16. Osman Ismen – Ara Muzigi (Baris K Edit)
  17. A Number Of Names Sharevari (Instrumental)
  18. Black Devil Disco Club – The Devil in Us
  19. Amplified Orchestra – Neon
  20. Moogie – Ultradancin’
  21. Fred Ventura – Open Your Eyes
  22. The Beat Broker – Night Shift (John Daly Remix)
  23. Kid Bliss – Disco Shit
  24. Disco Deviance – Magnificent Disco (BC Edit)
  25. Van McCoy – The Hustle

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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