Right Now!

Ice FM

French and British Parliament recently voted on a law permitting same-sex civil marriage. Ice FM members (Duparc, Ellum, Riposte, Fraisier-Roux, del Porta) celebrate this event and call for a real revolution! Right Now! February 7, 2013, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Right Now!

  1. Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor (Antoine Riposte Edit)
  2. The Slits – Typical Girls
  3. Deux – Ministry of love
  4. Electronicat – Amour salé
  5. Throbbing Gristle – Hot On the Heels of Love
  6. Divine – Shoot your shot
  7. Rush Hour – Moogie
  8. Yazoo – Situation
  9. Yello – No More Words (Laurent Garnier & Carl Craig Mix)
  10. ABC – The Look of Love (The Robot Scientist Remix)
  11. Serious Love – Jimi Tenor
  12. Bronski Beat – Why (Extended Version)
  13. Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor (Antoine Riposte Edit)
  14. John Waters – Hairspray (Laurent Duparc Edit)
  15. Sigúr Ros – Ba Ba
  16. White Noise – Your hidden dreams
  17. Deux – Felicita
  18. Bal Paré – Palais d’amour
  19. DAF – Brothers (Gabi mix)
  20. Greie gut Fraktion – Make it Work
  21. Rick Moody – Pirate Station (Antipodean Mix)
  22. Super Flu – Lilou
  23. Stereolab – Fractal Dream Of A Thing
  24. Boards of Canada – Devil
  25. Julie Harrison – Subordinate Acts
  26. Solar Fields – Das Bungalow
  27. Os Mutantes – Baby
  28. John Maus – Rights For Gays

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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