Agent Colors: Different Greys

Ice FM

In a timeless cold winter, as we drive from London to Bristol we’ll travel through three decades of dark electronic feelings. Inspired by “Radio On”, directed by Christopher Petit (1979). With our new resident Antoine Riposte. December 20, 2012, 10 PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Agent Colors: Different Greys

  1. Christopher Petit – Radio On
  2. AFX – Home Made Polysynth
  3. Pink military – Degenerated Man
  4. New order – Dreams Never End
  5. Section 25 – Girls Don’t Count
  6. Lene Lovitch – Home
  7. John Heckle – The Magic Number
  8. Philippe Laurent – Exposition 5
  9. Pan American – There is Always the Thrill of Just Beginning
  10. Conrad Schnitzler – Das Trier
  11. Les Visiteurs du Soir – Je t’Ecris d’un Pays
  12. Dj Technician – Never Never
  13. Magnetite – The Light Curve
  14. Tim Blake – Light House
  15. Novamen – Lies
  16. Kraftwerk- Space Lab
  17. Pas De Deux – Cardiocleptomanie
  18. Xeno and Oaklander – Vagabond
  19. Senor Coconut – Trans Europe Express

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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