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At the margins of a party in honour of the Dutch label Creme Organization, Ice FM met its founder TLR. Figure of the Batavian underground scene with IF and Legowelt, TLR is the worthy representative of the “West Coast Sound of Holland”, that brings old acid house, techno and disco back with a unique dark touch. Before this meeting, exclusive dj Set. Get ready for the heaviest bass lines. December 05, 2012, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Ice FM with TLR

  1. Soul Force – I Remember House
  2. R-Zone – Houz Nation
  3. 2AMFM – Starfist Lazerbeam
  4. Myriadd – Beyond This Life
  5. Seaside Houz Boyz – Deephouse Y’all
  6. John Heckle – Room Voices
  7. Chicago Shags – Southside Will Rise (TLR Edit)
  8. Trackman Lafonte – Trackman Lafonte
  9. Exaltics – The First Circle
  10. D’Marc Cantu – Black Tears
  11. Neville Watson – Stronger Than Before
  12. Neville Watson – Alone Again Tube
  13. Alex Israel – Mongo Raw = fix bass compressie
  14. WIllie Burns – Windows Down
  15. Myriadd – Beyond This Life
  16. Our Discovery (Orgue Electronique Remix)
  17. R-Zone – Ravon Calling
  18. Basic Soul Unit – Jak’d Freq
  19. Distant Planet Star Trek Remix
  20. Obama’s House- Yes We Can
  21. D’Marc Cantu – Falling

TLR interview (English)

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum



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