Guest Mix


Trésors Jean-Christophe Recchia

French band Trésors releases his first “Missionnaires” LP on Desire Records. First dark try lost into Joy Division’s Cold Wave and Rebotini’s analog electronic. A smart composition which turns on very well… Exclusive & eclectic selection by Trésors this thursday. November 15, 2012, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Ice FM with Trésors

  1. Trésors – Alright Heavy Fuck
  2. Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury – Scope The Block
  3. Gil Scott-Heron – Running
  4. Four Tet – Pinnacles
  5. Kuedo – Scissors
  6. Soft Moon – Dead Love
  7. Oneohtrix Point Never’s – Zones Without People
  8. Brian Eno – The Big Strip
  9. Battles – Futura
  10. Fad Gadget – Pedestrian
  11. Future Islands – In the Fall
  12. Suicide – Rocket USA
  13. Björk – All is Full of Love
  14. Richard Pinhas – Iceland II
  15. Black Dice – Kokomo
  16. David August – Roco Coco
  17. Burial – Lower
  18. Trésors – Relax 4

Trésors Interview (French)

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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