Guest Mix

Yan Wagner

Yan Wagner Ice FM

First guest on Ice FM this season. On the occasion of the release of his first LP “Forty Eight Hours” (Pschent Music), Yan Wagner comes to visit us and gives us an exclusif mix. Renowned for his attractive remixes (Black Strobe, Juveniles, Jacno), the The French-American hits hard with this strong tone of raw pop, rhythms and electronic music that bring a glamourous musicality. Made closely with Arnaud Rebotini, “Forty Eight Hours” is driven by a powerful voice which will reminds us of the great new wave age.

Yan Wagner, October 11, 2012, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Mr Flagio – Take a Change (extended 12″ version)
  2. Richard Bush and Orbit – Solar Flight (dub)
  3. TomTomClub – Suboceana (Eddie mars Edit)
  4. Yazoo – Situation (Francois K dub)
  5. Alexander Robotnick – African Kola
  6. New Order – Confusion (12″ version)
  7. Marc Pinol – One Pill Makes You Larger (Extended Edit)
  8. The Deadstock 33’s – Mercury Project
  9. Mikron – Soul Provider (Max Pask remix)
  10. Madato – She Dancer
  11. Charlie – Spacer Woman
  12. UR – Greater than Yourself
  13. SFV Acid – As Is
  14. Daniel Avery – Time Extension
  15. Madato – Slow
  16. A Number of Names – Sharevari (Instrumental mix)
  17. Silicon Teens – Just Like Eddie
  18. Yan Wagner – Elementary school
  19. Yan Wagner – Change

Yan Wagner interview (French)

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