‘True Sexual Revolution’ Revisited

For, Ice FM revisits one of their shows related to Raspberry Reich, a 2004 German and Canadian film by Bruce LaBruce. This show focuses on the character of Gudrun who try to persuade her band to put down heterosexual and possessive relationship and experiment a true sexual revolution. Finally we deal with the rebellion against consumer oppression and the hope of a real sexual liberation. September 01, 2012, 11PM. On Berlin.

Download ‘True Sexual Revolution’ Revisited

  1. Bruce LaBruce – The Rasberry Reich
  2. Inch-time – Still Running (Benge remix)
  3. AGF – Rooster Beats
  4. Prefuse 73 – Sexual Fantaisy Scale
  5. AGF – Let’s Go
  6. Atom Heart – Message to the Consumer
  7. Prefuse 73 – NoNo
  8. Throbbing Gristle – Slug Bait Pt. 3 (32AR)
  9. Sextoy & Chloé – In and Out
  10. Bruce LaBruce – Skin Flick
  11. Ron Deacon – Untilted
  12. Codebreaker – Follow Me (Bottin remix)
  13. Bottin – Theme from St. Mark 30124
  14. Marco Bernardi – Berlin Brothels (Kettel remix)
  15. Chicks On Speed – Euro Trash Girl
  16. Peaches – Suck & Let Go
  17. Bruce LaBruce – The Rasberry Reich
  18. Legowelt – Into The Storm
  19. Mike Denhert – xxx
  20. Zombie Zombie – The Bank Robbery
  21. Lowfish – No Longer Accepting Complaints
  22. Bruce LaBruce – The Rasberry Reich
  23. AGF – Rooster Beats
  24. Stereo Total – Baby Revolution
  25. Matmos – Tract For Valerie Solanas
  26. Dorit Chrysler – Blue Bells
  27. AGF – Let’s go
  28. Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf

Listen to the original ‘True Sexual Revolution’ here.

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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