God’s Face

Music listeners, you put your soul at risk and jeopardize its place in the celestial harmony. There is a chance for you to reach the highest spheres and die while contemplating the face of God : that is where might bring you Lhotse Face, by Sommet . Beware of the Devil, though, for he awaits you and expects your fall. “You wear guilt like a halo in reverse” sang Depeche Mode. And you do not desserve redemption. God’s Face likely shudders into your mind and consciousness.  Do you feel ready for everlasting damnation ? With Coddo del Porta from Une Nuit Sous Influence. June 14, 2012, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download God’s Face

  1. Pasolini – The Gospel According to St.Matthew
  2. Drexcyia – Temple of Dos de Aqua
  3. Arne Weinberg – Indra
  4. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
  5. Sommet – Lhotse Face (LeXo remix)
  6. Crossover – Summer in Oslo
  7. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Oraculum
  8. These New Puritans – Three Thousand
  9. Drokk – God of War
  10. Matthew Dear – Headcage
  11. Toro y Moi – Good Hold
  12. Nina Simone – New World Coming
  13. Ø (Mika Vainio) – Koituva
  14. Christoph de Babalon – Arc Nova
  15. Momus – What will Death be like?
  16. Theremynt – Cosmic Encounter
  17. Black Devil Disco Club ft. Nancy Sinatra – To Ardent (Grovesnor remix)
  18. Applescal – El Diablo
  19. Sommet – Lhotse Face
  20. Woodkid – Iron (Gucci Vump remix)
  21. Oliver Huntemann – The End (Original mix)
  22. Depeche Mode – Halo (Goldfrapp remix)

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