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Moï Moï Records

After a stopover in Dublin, Ice FM set off in Pyrenean mountains and met Moï Moï artists’ collectives, musiciens, graphic designers and activists. Several members recently founded Moï Moï label. They release these days their first EP produced by the Basque Panda Valium, Copaiaba that harks back to the punchy side of Border Community. Close to the James Holden galaxy, especially Luke Abbott who joined forces to deliver an obsessive remix, Moï Moï Records likes intricate beats, melodic friezes and solar climax. Matthys is one of the leading member, both producer of three nice ep on Cinematique and Back Home. He gave us an exclusive, lively and epic mix to celebrate labels birth. June 7, 2012, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Ice FM with Moï Moï Records

  1. Matthys-3479 (square pyramids)
  2. Aleksi Perala – Psychic Probe
  3. Gonno – Gagak
  4. Aster – Olde
  5. Panda Valium – Copaiba (Luke Abbott remix)
  6. Panda Valium – Copaiba (Panda Valium & Poligorn remix)
  7. Groj – La Dauphinoise
  8. Matthys – Escaliers
  9. Panda Valium – Kuruse
  10. Lone – Earth’s Lungs
  11. Wesley Matsell – The Unmaker
  12. Blokc & Groj – Erhap
  13. Van Off Mart – Ne Pas Avaler
  14. Odei – Protophase
  15. Kate Wax – Dust Collision

Interview of Matthys (French) :

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


One thought on “Moï Moï Records

  1. superb, any chance of a download link in a higher bitrate? 🙂

    Posted by greg proops | 2012/06/20, 8:49 pm

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