Narcoleptic Times

After several shows focused on dark wave and and few inter-galactic meetings from the holy cosmos, Ice FM come back to earth and begin a new road-trip accross endless stunning roads, somewhere in the Idaho dusty desert. Lost in the wildernes, our dazed and quite narcolpetic heroes accross somber territories, blinded by the radiant light. They already know this trip and probably could run away and fall asleep anywhere at any time. Share this musical journey strewn with oneiric melodies and explore plenty of sonic landscape designed with our resident Max Fraisier-Roux. May 10, 2012, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Download Narcoleptic Times

  1. Gus Van Sant – My Own Private Idaho
  2. Red Hot Chilly Pepers – Under the Bridge (Brummer Remix)
  3. Amirali – Beautiful World
  4. Magda – Doom Disco
  5. Hole in the Middle – The Dreamer
  6. Conforce – Aquinas Control
  7. Efdemin – Shoeshine
  8. Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters – Yesterday Didin’t Exist
  9. AGF – Delay On My Pillow
  10. Goblin – Fantozzi E Il Megadirettore
  11. Sten – Undercover (Lawrence Remix)
  12. Goldwill – Matikal
  13. Ellen Allien – Dream
  14. Efdemin – Salix Alba
  15. Amirali – Beautiful World (Daniel Bortz Remix)
  16. Ada – Interlude
  17. Benno Blome – Rumburak
  18. Niconé & Sascha Braemer – Run Away (Dan Caster Remix)
  19. Sascha Funke – The Fortune Cookie Symphony
  20. AGF – Delay On My Pillow
  21. Goblin – Tenebre Maniac (Spfx Bonus Track)
  22. Klimek – For Michael Gira & Vladmir Ivanovich
  23. Paperclip People – Transplant
  24. Superpitcher – The long Way
  25. Tahiti 80 – Big Day

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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