Skeez Da Mothership Raw Funk

Shaman was communicating with an invisible world. He lived on the edge of society. He threw dust into the fire and changed its color. Hundred years later, Shaman become a Magician and still have the power. Welcome to this virtual world, where the power of imagination gives birth to the most appealing skweee music and the most colorful pixels. 8-bits and rare grooves fall into place. Fancy playing a good game with our resident a Kind Of Ceasar from Une Nuit Sous Influence? Stay Tuned.

Skeez Da Mothership Raw Funk, April 12, 2012, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Unknown Artist – Play Dirty
  2. Robert Henke – Indigo Transform
  3. Jonwayne – Eulogy
  4. Jonwayne – Crumbled Luna
  5. Unknown Artist – Game Deaths
  6. Kyle Gabler – World of Goo Beginning
  7. Hudson Mohawke – Overnight
  8. X-agon – Lamerina (Helge Schneider Edit)
  9. Aaron DiCosta – Weird Ass Lovin
  10. Bosse Kite – Jibba Jabba
  11. Eero Johannes – Leisi-EIN
  12. Boss Kite – The Manifesto
  13. Randy Barracuda – Hungry For Another Touch
  14. Sprutbass – Romatropo (Ben Butler & Mousepad Mix)
  15. Baba Stiltz – sEXydANiel
  16. Mesak & Randy Barracuda – Black Vaseline (Eero Johannes Remix)
  17. Levon Zoltar – You Down With OBP
  18. Unknown Artist – One For My Baby
  19. BinaerPilot – Goof
  20. DropDaBomb – Public Ennemy n°1
  21. Bootleg-Svante – Micromessy
  22. Cylob – Rewind
  23. Mandroid – Battle Theme
  24. DMX Krew – Last days
  25. Newtrament – London Bridge Is Falling Down (Dun Mix)
  26. Jimmy Edgar – LBLB Detroit
  27. Boss Kite – You So Bad
  28. Tryezz – Late Night Groove Session 11
  29. DamFunk – Galactic Fun
  30. Floex – Casanova

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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