The Midnight Purchase

Once again, you used to enjoy a musical and cosmic revolution. Our claustrophobic trip begins into the gloomy Turkish prisons, right inside a dusty cell where filthy cockroachs parade. Predictably, our lonely hero William Hayes chases around the wasteland of despair. But actually, this endless trip in limbo, this uphill struggle secretes an unexpected quest for the Holy Grail : finding Giorgio Moroder’s mellow spirit. “Pain and Pleasure” sings Zeebee. So, let’s trust to luck with Oraze, from Staartails, the connoisseurs’ music blog and Sam Ellum.

The Midnight Purchase, March 29, 2012, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Alan Parker – Midnight Express
  2. Luke Vibert – Brain Rave
  3. Dynamix ii – Dreamscape
  4. Octogen – In The Beginning There Was Hmx
  5. Roland Sebastian Faber – Hommage 2
  6. Giorgio Moroder – Istanbul Opening
  7. Jeff Wayne – The Eve Of The War
  8. Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene (Part IV)
  9. Giorgio Moroder – Wheel
  10. James Saunders – Launch Control
  11. Methusalem – Robotism
  12. Raymond Lefèvre – Rencontre du quatrième type
  13. Giorgio Moroder – Theme from Midnight Express (Instrumental)
  14. No Accident in Paradise – Exit 9
  15. Kid 606 – Site Specific Sound Instalation
  16. Alan Parker – Midnight Express
  17. Giorgio Moroder – Love’s theme
  18. Art of noise – Love
  19. Wolfgang Riechmann – Wunderbar
  20. Freak electrique – Scrapyard
  21. The Jonzun crew – Ground control
  22. Giorgio Moroder – Cacaphoney
  23. Logic system – Unit
  24. Zeebee – Pain & Pleasure

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


One thought on “The Midnight Purchase

  1. C’est pas pour faire de la lèche, hein; mais je vous le dis, ce mix est un de mes préférés 🙂

    Posted by Samaritain | 2012/04/10, 12:16 pm

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