Guest Mix

Philippe Laurent

Ice FM welcomes Philippe Laurent, multidisciplinary artist, musician and designer. The multi task man is now releasing Hot-Bip, an album actually recorded in 1980s, on American record label Minimal Wave. Philippe Laurent will play for us his mix tape Back to the Future. With Kraftwerk, Deux and Moderne to rule the party. His Cold wave selection fits perfectly with our endless winter.

Philippe Laurent, February 2, 2012, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Kraftwerk – Uranium
  2. Selecters – On my radio
  3. Kraftwerk – Antenna (Hot-Bip remix)
  4. Absolute body control – Follow me
  5. X Ray Pop – La machine à rêver
  6. Hot-Bip – Exposition 5
  7. Mushy – Child of light will burn
  8. Kraftwerk – Morgenspaziergang
  9. Robert Fripp – The zero of the signified
  10. Futurisk – Lonely streets
  11. Madmoizel – Freaks
  12. In Aeternam Vale – Laisse tomber les filles
  13. Deux – Paris-Orly
  14. Hot-Bip – Distorsion
  15. Kraftwerk – Spacelab
  16. SS – Say care
  17. Martin Dupont – Just because
  18. Moderne – Vers l’est
  19. Marina Siertis – Disease
  20. Daybed – Lack of light
  21. Kraftwerk – Transistor

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5 thoughts on “Philippe Laurent

  1. Paris Orly, I miss you !
    Thanks Philippe for this fine & sexy french selection.

    Posted by Hilde | 2012/02/07, 1:07 pm
  2. Relisten this show!! really cool, old stuffs so good

    Posted by Srazine Riposte | 2013/02/08, 12:08 pm


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