L.A. 2015

One night far from Sunset Boulevard or Mulholland Drive. Far from iconic images, somewhere in the in downtown L.A, in the city you know only from mythology. You feel lost but you seat next to your friend. He looks somber. Go fast and listen to the alternative soundtrack of Drive directed by Nicolas Winding Refn – but without happy end and without Kavinsky and Desire.

L.A. 2015, January 26, 2012, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Nicolas Winding Refn – Drive
  2. Jeremiah Jae – The Dirty Collector Pt. 1
  3. Robin Rimbaud – Emily
  4. Wagon Christ – Introfunktion
  5. Benge – 1976 Yamaha CS80
  6. Matthewdavid – Los Angeles Is Beautiful
  7. Depth Charge – Castle of Doom
  8. Mount kimbie – Taps
  9. Diertich Shoenenmann – Thin Blue Line
  10. Nosaj Thing – Lords
  11. Le Car – Silent Auto attedant
  12. Speedy J – Symmetry
  13. DJ Bone – The Haunting
  14. A.R.P – Alsoran
  15. Schmerzlabor – Off the Road With Jack Kerouac
  16. DJ Hell – Germania (Peter Kruder Remix)
  17. Scratch Massive – Nuit de Mes Rêves
  18. Discodeine – Grace (Gavin Russom Remix)
  19. Alva Noto – Xerrox Tek Part 1
  20. Peter Richard – Walking In the Neon
  21. Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd – Two
  22. Weltraum – Wolswagen und die Mashinenmann
  23. Gareth Williams – Prince of Darkness
  24. Depeche Mode – Breathing in Fumes
  25. Chicago Shags
  26. Alpine Decline – An Accident

… and Police Transmissions.

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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