Rise Above Darkness

Prisons are sordid, dirty and terrifying. We pile up, we fight, we do drugs. The new opus of Ice FM, Rise Above the Darkness, summons the imaginary of these penitencarys where we look up and break. Time swells, iron doors bang, shouts haunt the night. The new-wave of Psyche and his Alcatraz Version the Prisoner of Desire will ring like a swan’s song in this hole with no issue. Claustrophobics withhold this thursday. December 22,2012 10 pm live.

Download Rise Above Darkness

  1. Spike Lee – The 25th Hour
  2. The Tangerine Dream – Main Title
  3. The Tangerine Dream – The Call
  4. E.R.P – Lament Subrosa
  5. Fatima Yamaha – Between Worlds
  6. Flying Lotus – Riot (Take Remix)
  7. Plaid – This City is Hell
  8. Paris – We’re All Alone
  9. Miss Kittin & The Hacker – 1000 Dreams
  10. Meschi – Stay & Play
  11. Maximilian Skiba – Bye Bye C64
  12. The Beat Broker – After Dark
  13. Aswefall – Prison
  14. Xhin – This is What You Drew While You Were Half Asleep
  15. DJ Hell & Anthony Rother – Electronic Germany (DJ Glen Remix)
  16. RMVN – Uno (Clément Meyer Remix)
  17. Âme – Junggesellenmaschine
  18. Xeno & Oaklander – Saracen
  19. Psyche – Prisoner to Desire (Alcatraz Version)


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