Guest Mix

Scratch Massive


Ice FM welcomes the french duo Scratch Massive for their upcomng release and third album ‘Nuit de Rêve’. Maud Geffray and Sébastien Chenut will put up an original mixtape especially for the show, an  opportunity to extend their last album’s trippy wanderings between dark and new-wave along with Koudlam, Chloé, Jimmy Sommerville and Gus Gus. Thursday, December 15, 2011, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio.

  1. Air – Love
  2. Fad Gadget – Lady Shave
  3. Woodkid – Iron ( Gucci Vump Remix )
  4. Warpaint – Undertow (N!C Remix)
  5. Scratch Massive Feat Jimmy Somerville – Acid Washed Remix
  6. Factory Floor – Two Different Ways
  7. Matador – Mambo
  8. Brodinski – Let the beat control your body
  9. Agoria feat Carl Craig – Speechless – Gesalffestein Remix
  10. Scratch Massive Feat Koudlam – Waiting For A Sign – Sex Schon Remix
  11. Chromatics – Accelerator
  12. Japanese pop star – Shells of Shiver ( White Sea Remix)
  13. Cristian Vogel – Cancion Sintecta
  14. Cristian Vogel – You and I
  15. Scratch Massive – Pleine Lune

Scratch Massive interview (french)


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