Burn Like a Meteor

In its new episode Burn Like a Meteor, Ice FM invents the ideal apocalypse soundtrack. From the Last Judgement prophecy to the very personal version offered by Melancholia and its planet collision. Before the final galactic explosion, listen to Gina V d’Orio and her The End of The World beautifully whispered on Like a Tim’s powerful TB-303 Devil Fish. Boarding on December 7, 2011, 10PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

  1. Will Self – Revelation
  2. Alva Noto – Uni C
  3. Alva Noto – Uni Deform
  4. Byetone – Lumen
  5. From Philip Glass – Knee IV – Einstein On the Beach
  6. David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette  – In His Ghostly Heart
  7. Taylor Deeper – 4+2_Stil. Live
  8. Alva Noto – Uni Asymmetric Sweep
  9. Arnaud Rebotini – Mnll
  10. Ichisan – Space Patrol
  11. Innerzone Orchestra – Galaxy
  12. Bernard Fevre – Odysée
  13. Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert – Vision For the Future
  14. Scratch Massive – Follow Me
  15. Suicide Booth – Aura
  16. Legowelt – Half Moon 106
  17. Sebastian San – Theories
  18. Nomenklatür – Master & Slave
  19. DMX Krew – Jupiter Mission
  20. Galaxy Toobin – The Day of the Duel is Approaching
  21. David Toop – An Arthropod Raising Its Head to See the Sirakami
  22. Nasa Official – Sound of Saturn
  23. Pierre Henry – Cataclysmes IV – Apocalypse de Jean
  24. Max Cooper – I (Max Cooper’s Apocalypse Mix)
  25. Aphex Twin – The Waxen pith
  26. From Philip Glass – Knee IV – Einstein On the Beach
  27. Philipp Glass – Spacership – Einstein On the Beach
  28. Like a Tim & Gina V. d’Orio – The End of The World


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