A small town is hit by killings. Special agents Hallaway and Anderson set up their cameras in three interviews room and question three survivors of the bloodbath. Suspicion, lies and perversion haunt all of them. The question is: who tells the truth, who doesn’t? Welcome to this paranoid world which open with Jennifer Lynch and close with David Lynch. By Sam Ellum & Laurent Duparc.

Nowhere, October 27, 2012, 10PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Jennifer Lynch – Surveillance
  2. Sonos Quartet – Refinery Surveillance
  3. Aphex Twin – Grey Strip
  4. Earthquake – This is a hit (fear of Theydon remix)
  5. Charles Kent – Nothing
  6. Outputmessage – Bernards Song
  7. Cybotron – Dreammaker
  8. Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves
  9. Todd Bryanton – Surveillance
  10. DMX Krew – When they going get weird
  11. Water Lilly – Tangle of Wires
  12. GTO – Pure (Battle of the Basses)
  13. John Tejada – Paranoïa
  14. Rezzie Jolus – Dance Again (Morning Factory…)
  15. Oliver Huntemann – Bloody Mary
  16. John Carpenter – The Bank Robbery
  17. Ectomorph – Subversion
  18. Headhunter – Birks Range
  19. Rainer Werner Bassfinder – Minimal Scarf Fuckers Drown!
  20. Krikor – I’m for Sale
  21. Xela – Halloween
  22. Senking – Thaw
  23. Bonjour Tristesse – Partner in Crime
  24. David Lynch – Speed Roaster

Ice FM Laurent Duparc Sam Ellum


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