True Sexual Revolution

This is the first Ice FM radio show. This is a “drama-tape”.  We begin with a story that might disturb you. Gudrun is used to crossing swords with their mainly friends from Baader gang. This time, she’s trying everything to persuade them to put down heterosexual relationship and experiment a true sexual revolution. Obviously, she’s facing with serious hardship. Join forces to support Gudrun claim and listen to the show. Ok, our electronic music trumps very muggy, techno is powered by punishment beats and the legendary Sex Dwarf from Soft Cell leaves us permanently scalded and frustrated. But Gudrun wields power over us. By Laurent Duparc & Sam Ellum.

True Sexual Revolution, September 29, 2011, 10 PM. On Ice FM / Paris Campus Radio. Download here.

  1. Bruce LaBruce – The Rasberry Reich
  2. Inch-time – Still Running (Benge remix)
  3. Prefuse 73 – Sexual Fantaisy Scale
  4. AGF – Let’s Go
  5. Atom Heart – Message to the Consumer
  6. Prefuse 73 – NoNo
  7. Throbbing Gristle – Slug Bait Pt. 3 (32AR)
  8. Chicks On Speed – Euro Trash Girl
  9. Sextoy & Chloé – In and Out
  10. Bruce LaBruce – Skin Flick
  11. Ron Deacon – Untilted
  12. Codebreaker – Follow Me (Bottin remix)
  13. Bottin – Theme from St. Mark 30124
  14. Dorian Concept – Toe Games Made Her Giggle
  15. Virgo & Virgo Four – Sex
  16. Marco Bernardi – Berlin Brothels (Kettel remix)
  17. Gudrun Gut & Myra Davies – Control
  18. Matmos – Tract For Valerie Solanas
  19. Bruce LaBruce – The Rasberry Reich
  20. AGF – Rooster Beats
  21. Legowelt – Into The Storm
  22. Mike Denhert – xxx
  23. Zombie Zombie – The Bank Robbery
  24. Lowfish – No Longer Accepting Complaints
  25. I-F – Holographic Voices
  26. Peaches – Suck & Let Go
  27. Imatran Voima – Group Sex
  28. Dorit Chrysler – Blue Bells
  29. AGF – Let’s go
  30. Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf



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