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A new duo in the shadow to add to our guest list: TORB, two guys who met in Parisien Philippe Zdar’s Motorbass studio, and decided two combine their different backgrounds and common taste for rave spirit, in order to create their own powerful sounds and music through mostly live performances ­ as in their one shot recording LP “Night Session” here.

What’s specific about them? Well, in order to get rid of usual computer generated sounds, Julien and Fabien decide to build their own machines and synthesizers, so that they can start from the sound texture they desire, and work on how to make it as they wish, instead of the opposite manner, completely understand their tools, and go further with them to find what they want. Which of course brings a certain gestation before they deliver their compositions but also a maximum effect with priority focused on sensation as in their two masterpieces released in november.

Analog instruments “breathing and warming up, components reacting different ways” it takes TORB something like 12 hours before a live set in order to make the instruments impregnated with the atmosphere, warmness and humidity rate! Happy accidents always happenings leading them in new and fresh exciting directions, the two boys are now committed to being part of a perpetual project and research.

Max Fraisier-Roux

TORB is on the road this summer, you can follow their adventures here on their Facebook page. Next stops at Big Festival, Biarritz, France (July, 17th), and Cabourg Mon Amour Fest.,Cabourg, France also (July, 24th).

Ice FM with TORB, April 16, 2015, 10.30PM. On Paris Campus Radio.

Guest mix by Fabien

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